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Counterfeit / Contrefaçon

Contrefaçon /  Counterfeit

Marc.O plans on Hornplans site are free for DIY use, not commercial use. But, all Marc.O plans are property of « Marc.O Hornplans® » and under copyrights, subjects to intellectual property international laws. So don't buy cabs which are manufactured by unauthorized dealer. Only two dealers are authorized and they are in France.


Authorized dealer

- Fertin Son & Lights

- Menuiserie Christophe Mulot (Asher)


So any of others companies are unauthorized dealers. If you buy from them, you are exposed to international laws. This is called counterfeit !


Companies that make copies of Marc.O plans make it for easy money:

- They aren't capable to design valid cabs

- they save money of R&D


- you don't know how they build cabs and if they respect basic rules of building

- you don't know if they use the right loudspeaker

- you don't know if the design will sound good

- no engineering = no support


In recent months, I was warned by some people that a few companies sell cabs from my plans. As for exemple, an Hungarian compagny called Cronos Acoustic sell a cab called IMPULSE 21 which seems in many points copy of MTH-4654.


I have sent them an email, and Cronos Acoustic reply me that it was a different design. But problem, dimensions are the same, and the brace in horn is the same shape as MTH-4654. Cronos Acoustic doesn't give any technical explanation to justify that, doesn't give any argument, no technical drawing, no images of the construction, no sim of Impulse 21, nothing. Cronos Acoustic just reply that they invite me to dinner and verify the design after dinner !


So I think Cronos Acoustic takes me for an idiot (4000 kilometers round trip for a diner).



So judge by yourself, at left MTH-4654,  Cronos Acoustic Impulse 21 at Right

I will add that a design like Cronos Acoustic  Impulse 21 with 105dB 1w/1m and 34Hz -3dB (Impulse 21) within these dimensions is impossible: It's a lie !


Take care of not buying counterfeit or cabinets that don't respect copyrights laws. Companies that do counterfeit are parasites of society. They not encourage people offering free DIY plans to publish news plans. They kill creation and DIY !


I registered "Marc.O Hornplans®" as a trademark to combat counterfeit. It will not stop all counterfeit, but it will add a step more against.



Original documentation of Cronos Acoustic Impulse 21 viewable below

or direct download here: Acoustic - Impulse 21 data.pdf