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MBprocess - multibands processor:



- 2 bands Automatic Gain Control

- 4 bands stereo dynamic expander

- 5 bands compressors

- Gain gate on AGC and compressors

- 5 bands limiters

- Limiter

- Brickwall final stage

- Audio scope - out signal monitoring


MBprocess can deliver variety of sounds, from clean to  hign density. It has been developed to be simple to use, without sacrificing quality.


Hundred of hours have been required for developing, listening, comparing with existing products, to make it high quality sounding.


MBprocess can be used in mixing, mastering, radio, TV, broadcasting. Others applications: When it is necessary to maintain a constant sound level, like podcasts, mixtapes, or from differents sources in a PC. You can use it as a VST plugin (32 bits), as a standalone software (ASIO drivers inputs/outputs), as an insert in your windows sound (with Voicemeeter Banana and a virtual cable).


Download link:



MBprocess.exe doesn't need specific installation, so copy it where you want.


MBprocessVST32.dll must be copied in the VST 32 bits folder.


If MBprocess.exe doesn't run, try to exclude software name in your antivirus.


MBprocess records the lastest settings in c:\MBprocess.bnk

Now, MBprocess works in insert on your Windows System.



Use of MBprocess:


PC use as a processor:


Use MBprocess standalone (exe). Sofware requires ASIO drivers. Choose a souncard with high input level. Some cards with pads can hold more than +20dBu input level.


If you don’t have ASIO native drivers, you can use ASIO4ALL: , but native ASIO drivers will be better.



Insert use in Windows sound:


Require Voicemeeter Banana and a virtual soundcable.


- In control panel sound, choose the virtual cable as out.

- In Voice Meeter Banana, choose the same virtual cable on one of the 3 input channels. Assign the channel bus to B1.

- In Voicemeeter VAIO input (the insert channel), assign to A1 Bus.

- On A1 out, choose your sound card driver.

- Use MBprocess standalone (exe) and choose Voice Meeter VAIO as driver.


Now, MBprocess works as an insert software on your Windows System.



VST plugin in 64 bits software:


MBprocessVST32 is a 32 bits plugin, so works in a 32 bits host software, but not in a 64 bits. Some 64 bits software like Cubase, have a integer wrapper, so you can use a 32 bits plugin. If your software don’t have any wrapper, you can use jBridge:

December, 19, 2016, New beta version 0.185:


Optimised algorithms, better sound